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In today’s regulatory environment, psychology licensing boards are facing an increasing number of barriers in ensuring that standards and regulatory mechanisms remain aligned with the evolving needs of the profession and their mandate to protect the public from harm. These barriers have included items such the inconsistencies in licensure requirements, the lack of a psychology workforce data and challenges related to the nature of the legislative process.

ASPPB has recognized the importance of using business intelligence to analyze data and discover meaningful metrics that will work toward eliminating these barriers. Through the founding of a psychology licensure focused research center, the Centre for Data and Analysis on Psychology Licensure (the Centre), ASPPB has been working diligently to create a system for data collection and analysis that will provide timely and relevant data to assist psychology licensing boards in making future licensure strategy decisions with a particular focus on licensure portability and telehealth.

Providing data for psychology licensing boards to make educated decisions regarding licensing strategies is a necessary precondition to expand access to qualified psychologists and the mental health services they provide, while still providing effective regulation and thus public protection. It is important for psychology licensing boards to remain abreast of the current trends and patterns of the psychology profession. The primary purpose of the Centre is to support psychology licensing boards in making informed licensure decisions through consistent data gathering, analysis and reporting. With the launch of the Centre, ASPPB wants to thank our member boards for their participation and we look forward to continued collaboration in the collection and analysis of data for the regulation of the profession of psychology.

Research Committee

In the spring of 2022, ASPPB developed a Research Committee to help support the ASPPB Centre for Data and Analysis on Psychology Licensure. The Research Committee is tasked with carrying out research to support the Centre’s initiatives, independently generating research ideas and preparing reports and publications.