Number of Licenses

Number of Licenses

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Psychology licensing boards are responsible for governing the practice of psychology in their state, province or territory. In order to practice as a psychologist in the U.S. and Canada, a psychologist must obtain an active license to practice psychology from their state or provincial psychology licensing board. Each year, ASPPB surveys the psychology licensing boards regarding the numbers of licenses they maintain and issue. The following information displays data from the number of licenses maintained and issued in 2022 by respondents.

Number of Licenses in U.S. and Canada
Minimum Number of Licenses in a Jurisdiction
Average Number of Licenses in a Jurisdiction
Maximum Number of Licenses in a Jurisdiction

Number of licenses Canada
Number of licenses - United States

US and Canadian jurisdictions shading displayed separately. 

Number of Licenses by Jurisdiction

This data is collected during the annual ASPPB membership dues renewal period. Jurisdictions displaying an (*) provided their license numbers for the 2021 membership dues renewal period.