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wdt_ID Question Answer
1 Q1. What is the minimum degree level required for this license type? Doctoral
2 Q2. Is regional accreditation of the degree granting institution required? No
3 Q3. Which of the following currently best describes APA Accreditation as a requirement for licensure? Accepted for licensure but there are Other Alternatives
4 Q4. Which of the following currently best describes CPA Accreditation as a requirement for licensure? Not Applicable
5 Q5. Are there specific course or content areas required for licensure? Yes
6 Q5a. If yes, what are the specific courses or content areas required? Select all that apply.
7 Q5b. Profession-Wide Knowledge Competencies (Content Areas from Standards): Biological aspects of behavior; Social aspects of behavior; Psychological measurement research methodology techniques of data analysis; Individual differences of behavior; Human development; Dysfunctional behavior/psychopathology; Professional standards and ethics; Theories and methods of assessment and diagnosis; Effective intervention
8 Q5c. Profession-Wide Knowledge (Courses from Guidelines and Principles): Research; Ethical and legal standards; Individual and cultural diversity; Assessment
9 Q6. Is residency at the educational institution granting the degree required? Yes
10 Q6a. If yes, what is the minimum time period required for residency? Eighteen semester hours or thirty quarter hours or thirty-six trimester hours completed within a twelve-month consecutive period