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wdt_ID Question Answer
1 Q1. What is the minimum degree level required for this license type? Doctoral
2 Q2. Is regional accreditation of the degree granting institution required? Yes
3 Q3. Which of the following currently best describes APA Accreditation as a requirement for licensure? Required for licensure
4 Q4. Which of the following currently best describes CPA Accreditation as a requirement for licensure? Other - Applicant will be individually evaluated
5 Q5. Are there specific course or content areas required for licensure? Yes
6 Q5a. If yes, what are the specific courses or content areas required? Select all that apply.
7 Q5b. Profession-Wide Knowledge Competencies (Content Areas from Standards): Biological aspects of behavior; Cognitive and affective aspects of behavior; Social aspects of behavior; cultural and individual diversity; History and systems of psychology; Psychological measurement, research methodology, techniques of data analysis; Individual differences in behavior; Human development; Dysfunctional behavior/psychopathology; Professional standards and ethics; Theories and methods of assessment and diagnosis; Effective intervention
8 Q5c. Profession-Wide Knowledge (Courses from Guidelines and Principles): Research; Ethical and legal standards; Individual and cultural diversity; Professional values, attitudes, and behaviors; Communication and interpersonal skills; Assessment; Intervention; Supervision; Consultation and interprofessional/interdisciplinary skills
9 Q6. Is residency at the educational institution granting the degree required? No
10 Q6a. If yes, what is the minimum time period required for residency?