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Q1.  Is the EPPP required to become licensed?
Q1a.  Prior to computerized scoring (2001), many jurisdictions had different rules on passing scores. How do your regulations define the EPPP (paper administered) passing score?
Q1b.   If yes, how do your rules/regulations define the EPPP (computer administered) passing score?
Q1c.  When is the earliest time the EPPP (Part 1 – Knowledge) can be taken?
Q1d.  Is the EPPP (Part 2 – Skills) required to become licensed?
Q2.  Does your board require an oral exam?
Q2a.  If yes, what is the format of the oral exam? Select all that apply.
Q3.  Does your board require a jurisprudence exam?
Q3a.  If yes, what information is covered by the jurisprudence exam? Check all that apply.